A second chance

Hope Alive has given me a
second chance at life. I've
been able to move past years
of depression & self-hate
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Hope Alive Group Therapy

In depth group therapy

WHY Counselling Services provides a unique program called Hope Alive Group Therapy. This is specifically designed to heal men and women impacted by childhood neglect and abuse and/or unresolved pregnancy losses including abortion.


It is an in-depth group therapy, where participants can gain understanding, discover WHY they do the things they do, learn new skills and develop new behaviours enabling growth and change.


Hope Alive takes a person further and deeper

Millions of people, both men and women are suffering the effects of unresolved pregnancy losses and past childhood mistreatment. Hope Alive takes a person further and deeper than any existing program for child abuse, neglect and/or pregnancy loss.


Explore this site to find out whether WHY Counselling's Hope Alive is for you, the details of the group therapy, the benefits, research and how to apply.


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Hope Alive may be for you if you can relate to any of the following..







Are you afraid of committment?

• Do you feel depressed?
• Do you cry for no apparent reason?
• Do you feel dispirited?
• Do you feel angry?
• Do you feel discouraged?

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Do you feel life has no meaning?

• Do you have disturbing dreams?
• Do you feel you have no right to be alive?
• Are you afraid to love or be loved?

• Do you feel rejected?

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Do you feel abandoned?

• Do you feel tragedies are repeated in your life?

• Do you have difficulty relating to children?

• Do you have uncontrollable feelings of rage?
• Do you feel neglected?

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