My life was out of control

Hope Alive allowed me to
look at my life see the abuse
and neglect and its effects.
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I had countless
light bulb moments

that always brought forth
the realisation into making
hard decisions to change
my behaviour, thinking
process and my life.
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I could deeply
damage my children

Hope Alive has given me
the tools to learn how to trust
myself, to trust my children
which gives them freedom to
trust themselves.

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Hope Alive Group Therapy

The Injury Within

“The overwhelming need may not be readily apparent, yet careful clinical observation and research indicate there are millions of people in every country deeply wounded by confusing conflicts, intense emotions, personality handicaps and progressive dehumanization resulting from unresolved pregnancy losses and abuses. Many people are able to keep up a façade of health, but they quickly decompensate with physical complaints or psychiatric disturbances in time of relatively minor crisis.”      
Professor P. Ney MD FRCP(C) MA RPsych

Founder, Hope Alive Group Therapy


The Hope Alive Group Therapy

Hope Alive is a program which is specifically designed to heal men and women impacted by childhood neglect and abuse and/or unresolved pregnancy losses including abortion. Participants commit to 30 weekly group sessions and three follow-up sessions at 1, 3 and 6 months.


The group is led by a counsellor, 1-2 facilitators with four to seven counsellees. Each counsellee will have a sponsor to support and help them throughout the course - along with two support people who are usually significant loved ones.


The Phases of Hope Alive Group Therapy

The phases of Hope Alive Group Therapy are as follows:

1. Commitment
2. Realising Mistreatment
3. Changing Anger & Withdrawal
4. Dealing with Guilt
5. Removing False Faces
6. Passing through Despair
7. Grieving my Losses
8 .Reconciliation
9. Reconsidering Relationships
10. Rehabilitation & Rejoicing
11 .Future & Beyond
12. Follow-Up


Benefits of Hope Alive

Dealing with resistances to knowing and growing
Gaining insight from re-enactment of unresolved conflicts

Learning new behaviours including:

  • Assertion
  • Dealing with anger
  • Dealing with manipulation
  • How to trace triggers
  • Taking responsibility
  • Reconciliation
  • Dealing with guilt
  • Parenting Skills

The Founders of Hope Alive Group Therapy

Philip Ney MD FRCP(C) MA RPsych and Dr Marie Peeters-Ney MD

Raised in Canada, Dr Ney graduated in medicine from the University of British Columbia and trained as a child psychiatrist and child psychologist at McGill University, London University and the University of Illinois. He is an academic and clinician of over fifty years. He has taught in five medical schools, been full professor three times, served as hospital and academic department chairman, and established three child psychiatric units. He has done research into child abuse for more than forty years and has published many papers and books on this subject. In his early research he became increasingly aware of the connection between child abuse and abortion.


Dr. Peeters-Ney is an American. Having obtained her medical training in Belgium and her paediatric specialty training in the USA and Canada, she worked at the University of Paris with the world-famous geneticist, Jerome Lejeune, and won an important scientific prize for her research into the biochemical causes of mental retardation. She is currently Director of Medical research at the International Foundation for Genetic Research.


Together they have studied children who are survivors of abortion. From their experience conducting therapeutic groups for women and men suffering from the effects of child abuse and/or abortion, Philip Ney wrote "Ending the Cycle of Abuse" (Taylor Frances, New York) and "Deeply Damaged" (Pioneer Publishing, Victoria, BC), which summarise his research and describe the theoretical structure of a Psychology of Created Humanity.


Published results of Hope Alive

Results of Group Psychotherapy for Abuse, Neglect and Pregnancy Loss


The Committed Hope Alive Team

Hope Alive Group Therapy involves a team of trained and exprienced committed people to facilitate and sponsor each group. There are many people who work behind the scenes to bring about the amazing end results.

At present we have approximately 24 staff committed and dedicated to Hope Alive in roles such as:

• Supervisor

• Counsellor
• Facilitators
• Sponsors
• Support People
• Administration Staff
• Art and Craft Staff


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Great Communicator

Lyn you are a great communicator, thank you for sharing.

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An in depth program

Hope Alive is an in-depth program where participants can gain understanding and discover WHY they do the things they do

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