Counselling Testimonials

Where would I be?

Thank you for this service (counselling) I'm not sure where I would be without it.


Very Beneficial

My sessions have been very beneficial


Difficult Times

Even though my sessions were difficult at times, I looked forward to my sessions.


Genuine and Caring

Lyn is a genuine, caring, compassionate person who is very perceptive.


Insight and Gentleness

Lyn shows incredible insight and gentleness and allowed me the time to also work these things out for myself.


Very beneficial
My sessions have been very beneficial.


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Hope Alive Group Therapy Testimonals

I went to Hope Alive a very angry person

Two years ago, I went to Hope Alive a very angry person, I had carried the anger for 63 years. I feared for myself and all around me. I was advised to see someone, not just for my sake, but for the sake of others. Hope Alive not only gave me back my life but also taught me to trust others again.



I was highly anxious, constantly depressed, engaged in bad relationships

My life was a banner of ‘abuse’ in many forms followed by childhood neglect, personal trauma, and pregnancy loss survivor syndrome.  As a result from the mistreatment and death of my older brother, I was highly anxious, constantly depressed, engaged in bad relationships, unable to trust others or myself emotionally and practically, suicidal, over thinking, poor self esteem, fearful and prepared for the worst case scenarios and the list goes on. I had been in and out of one and one counselling sessions for the last 15 years before doing the Hope Alive Group Therapy Program.


I embarked on a journey of self-discovery and tackled issues that constantly haunted me. The Hope Alive Group Therapy program helped me understand my life from different perspectives that I would never had considered. I had countless light bulb moments that always brought forth the realisation into making hard decisions to change my behaviour, thinking process and my life.


A second chance at life

Hope Alive has given me a second chance at life. Through the guidance and support provided I have been able to move past years of depression and self-hate by learning about myself and my behaviours and triggers. I have learned to accept and love myself, which in turn has enriched my relationships with family and friends, and I now believe I have lots of wonderful things to live for.


I could deeply damage my children and their future

The day I started this journey I was feeling very unsure, fearful, self -conscious and very exposed. I knew I needed to do something to change my life, I was feeling worthless. Through this journey it became more apparent to me how deeply damaged I was and how I could deeply damage my children and their future - another generation - and so it had to stop with me.


Hope Alive has given me the tools to learn how to trust myself, to trust my children which gives them freedom to trust themselves.


I am becoming more patient, kinder, honest, calmer and aware of my and other people’s feelings and I am learning to listen. I can look at my children and have great joy, love and freedom for them instead of anger,


Hope Alive allowed me to look at my life see the abuse and neglect and its effects

My life was out of control, miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, neglect and abuse were all woven into the dark tapestry of my life. Before I started Hope Alive I was very detached from my emotions, however they would come out in the wrong places and times. I was not coping with life.


Hope Alive allowed me to look at my life see the abuse and neglect and its effects. By looking at the damage I could allocate and see the contributing factors for my brokenness, self destructive behaviour and self hatred and understand why, then work through and remove the guilt and shame, releasing me to grab hold of new concepts and truths that are slowly and surely retraining my mind.


I have learnt a whole new set of skills for life

I am able to focus much better and it is much easier for me to absorb information because my mind is not as cluttered as it use to be. I no longer struggle with false guilt and have learnt a whole new set of skills for life and dealing with childhood neglect and abuse.


Hope Alive has given me back what was taken from me in childhood

Throughout this course I have cried more, have felt more pain and been angrier than I have ever done before but I am now free from panic attacks and am happier than I have ever been. I have discovered who I am and am able to see the positive side to my personality without having to force myself to look for it. I can honestly say that I am no longer afraid of people. Hope Alive has given me back what was taken from me in childhood.


I am living for the first time!!!

For me I had an unrelenting guilt and shame of having had 2 abortions. I have been able to process this, work through the grief and taken responsibility for my part in these terrible tragedies. I am living life for the first time!!!!!


My physical health has improved so much

My life has been changed so many ways, my physical health has improved so much, I carried so much guilt and shame from the two abortions I had and my self image was deeply damaged due to neglect and abuse. I constantly had messages in my head of what a bad person and mother I was.


My children are benefiting from all the hard work I have done

Not only have I experienced significant healing but I have learnt new skills to help me to deal with life and people. I have been taken to such depths of pain and grief that it is difficult to describe but I have never experienced such contentment, confidence and relief, I like the person I am becoming. Because of the healing and skills I have learnt I am stopping the cycle of neglect and abuse and my children are benefiting from all the hard work I have done. 


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Workshop Testimonials

Touched issues I have in my life

This workshop not only gave me wisdom, knowledge and understanding, it also gave me revelation and touched issues I have in my life.


Excellent presentation

I appreciated having the time to ask questions and insights gained from this workshop.


Correlation to neglect, abuse and abortion

It has been insighful learning about the correlation to abuse, neglect and abortion. it was wonderful, I could listen to this workshop for many more hours.


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Mentoring Testimonials

Invaluable experience

With over 25 years of psychiatric nursing my experience under the supervision and mentoring of Lyn has been invaluable. My understanding and insight into the complex area to abortion grief and childhood mistreatment has helped me immensely. The professional benefits I received were manifold, learning new concepts, experience and insight into group therapy have been deepened and broadened. This experience has helped me utilise added wisdom in client care.




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